Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Haven't updated in awhile.... 

So here's an update!!!

Derrek Lee signed a one year, $6.9 million contract. He should be signed to a multi-year deal sometime during the season.

Kerry Wood signed also signed a one year, $9.75 million deal. He'll definitely be signed to a multi-year deal and will remain a Cub for a long time.

Joe Borowski - 2 years, $4.3 million. Take the money and run, average Joe!

Cubs Convention was last weekend. Check out WGN.com for some audio!

Andy Dolan wrote up an entertaining 2004 Cubs preview at Desipio.com. Check it out.

This week's Paul Bako E-bay item is hot, hot, hot!

I leave you with the words of the great Howard Dean: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Come back Greg? 

The Cubs offered Maddux a 2 year deal for between $12-14 million. He's not going to get $10 million + per year, so he might as well jump on this one while it lasts. Is this the surprise announcement?

Maybe there will be a big curtain at the Cubs Convention and Wayne Messmer will come on down and announce the signing of Greg Maddux. Then again, to borrow an idea from the Sports Guy on ESPN, Maddux could go WWF(E) on the Cubs. He'll come out with a Cubs jersey on (everyone will cheer wildly), get up on stage next to Jim Hendry and Dusty Baker, then pick up one of those fine, engraved 2003 National League Central Champion bats and bash them both over the head. Then...my god, th-that's Tony LaRussa's music!!! Out come 5-6 Cardinal players, led by Steve Kline and LaRussa, and they proceed to clean house and knock everyone off the stage. Maddux then rips open his Cubs jersey to reveal a Cardinals jersey underneath and laughs maniacally!

Well, that's probably not it.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Rocket Launch 

Clever title post, no? The Astros signed Roger Clemens to a one year deal for $5 million today. Don't stand too close to the plate against Prior, Wood or Zambrano, Roger.

According to Al Yellon, on his blog, the Cubs have a surprise announcement scheduled for the annual Cubs convention. Let's hope it's Pudge and Maddux.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Hall of Fame 

The annual joke that is the Hall of Fame voting was announced today. Congratulations to Paul Molitor and Dennis Eckersley who were the only ones elected. Molitor, a member of the 3000 hit club was was picked on 431 of 506 ballots (85.2 percent) cast by reporters who have been members of the Baseball Writers' Association of America for 10 or more years. Eckersley was selected on 421 ballots (83.2 percent).

Former Cub great Ryne Sandberg was third with 309 votes, 61.1 percent, up from 49.2 last year. He was followed by Jim Rice (276), Andre Dawson (253), Rich Gossage (206), Lee Smith (185) and Bert Blyleven (179). No word yet on how many votes Danny Darwin received. (EDIT: Along with Bob Tewksbury, not a single vote!)

Joe Morgan must be relieved, but hopefully Ryno can get in next year when the only competition is Wade Boggs. (and maybe Pete Rose)

I always enjoy the idiot sportswriters that refuse to vote for sure hall of famers or leave some players off their ballot. How can you not vote for Paul Molitor? Ooh, I don't want to vote for too many players!!!!

If I had a ballot, I would have voted for Molitor, Eck, Ryno, Blyleven and the Goose (and I would think hard about Jack Morris).

Saturday, January 03, 2004

A quick update 

In the Mexican Pacific League, Jose Macias hit .286 with 3 homers, a .701 OPS and 12 steals in 245 at-bats. That should give him a leg up on playing time in Iowa. (Hopefully)

And our old friend Mark Bellhorn still knows how to take a walk, with 58 of them in 202 at-bats in that same Mexican League. He'll be with Boston next year, and with any kind of power at all, should beat out Pokey Reese for the second base job. Bellhorn ended up with .243/.414/.426.

Check out the photos of Mark Prior on The Cub Reporter. Good stuff.

Better jump on this one quickly folks!

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